The Teela Show featuring He-Man

At least in Terminator: Dark Fate, John Connor only died once.

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    Critical Drinker’s review was spot on; definitely have no interest in this “revival”.

    tiki god

    1 – yikes, that guy is toxic, but 2 – yikes if he’s right


    These guys are almost never right. So Teela has a stronger role. Big whoop. She’s not there to just be something for 12 year old boys to stare at while they have the funny feeling like when they climb the rope in gym class.


    Like the original was anything more than a toy commercial.


    The 2002 remake had Teela as something other than a doormat and the whiners didn’t say anything then. If Alien were released for the first time today, the unfuckables would be complaining about Ellen Ripley being the sole human survivor. This level of whining about women who are more than mere sex objects is a NEW THING to fandom, and it’s centered around a level of entitlement usually reserved for spoiled rich kids and Karens.

    tiki god

    I’ve heard the “Alien” comment IRL from friends and I think the latest Terminator film pretty much puts that to rest, didn’t see many people credibly complain about how all the good roles were women.

    tiki god

    no one you’d recognize, lol


    I thought it was good overall. It started kinda corny and then went off into ‘left field’ but without seeing the 2nd half of the season I’m not sure if I can judge it properly.

    That being said I will admit I’m not sure who this is aimed at as some of it is really dark and adult, and other parts are very kiddy. So it’s a bit all over the place for me.

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