shared by my boss whitout a hint of irony in our whatsapp group

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    Might be time to find a new job.

    Some fun you could have on your way out if you feel like being a bit of a dick. If you get an exit interview, when asked why you’re leaving, point out that this created a hostile work environment.


    I had a job that didn’t even give us that much. I had to work three Xmas mornings in a row because I didn’t ask for it off in August.


    Oh man. Working at a place that never closed was always an endless possibility of being called in to work whenever. I kept a small bottle of vodka by the phone so that whenever they’d call and I didn’t feel like going in I’d take a drink, then pick up the phone. “Sorry, can’t come in, I’ve been drinking.” I worked every Thanksgiving and Xmas eve the entire time I worked there. Worked most other holidays too. Got sick there one time and the manager wouldn’t let me go home. Like, I went into the bathroom and threw up and… Read more »

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