This is absolutely hilarious

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    Seems apartment owners in OK are a bit passive aggressive. You’re already evicting someone, no need to be a petty dick about it at the same time. You may think it’s cute, but this is the kind of notice that leads to people leaving eggs in heating ducts in petty retaliation. I don’t understand the need to make a bad situation even worse with this kind of thing. Doesn’t look like this notice is dated either, at least from what we can see. Probably should have done that as well as included the eviction date. The finger could be covering… Read more »


    Parkview Village Homes has a 1 star rating on Yelp. Phone number shown there is active “if you have any questions”


    Sounds like the sort of landlord who puts a nail in his shoe so he can surreptitiously put a nasty scratch in the floor to rob you of your security deposit. I mean, no one with any real morals thinks Pepe is anything more than the racist meme he has become.

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