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    Karl Lewis

    So who’s **REALLY** in charge, huh?


    Jen Psaki will circle back to you on that.

    tiki god

    hate to disappoint you, lmao


    No need for Congressional approval to bomb Syria
    No chance for universal health care
    No $15 minimum wage
    No fucks given about raising military budget to new record high
    No statement about Israel
    No getting kids out of cages at the border
    No qualms about putting board members of Raytheon and Wall St buddies in the Cabinet

    This is a fun game!


    If only Bernie Sanders wasn’t such a stubborn putz you might have had all those things by now.


    Below, in Mr. Lewis and Mr. Sickness, you can witness excellent examples of the Hard Left and Hard Right of the USA in their natural habitat of petty bitterness and self indulgent fantasies of superiority. Incapable of enjoying a good thing, they prefer to exist as living, breathing examples of the Dunning-Kruger effect.

    Last edited 1 month ago by Jac

    Where’s the lie, genius?


    tRump had golfed 19 times by his 100th day.

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