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Ya know if even moderate Republicans in the Senate voted against this turkey of a bill, there’s probably a good reason they did that. 1.9T is the equivalent of 1/10th of the US GDP. Did Democrats need to spend that much? On Planned Parenthood, or doubling the budget of National Endowment of the Arts & Humanities and The Institute of Museum and Library Services? And where is the money going to come from? Will turning on the printing press to print that money mean that the dollars you have in your bank account and wallet will be worth less? I… Read more »

tiki god

you are aware this was not a Covid-19 bill, yeah? It’s the annual budget reconciliation, which is where all those things you listed out belong. they’re not scary if you know what they’re for!


The Covid-19-related freebies ($1400 check, unemployment boosts, etc.) is all the media can talk about, but yes, you’ve just reminded me that this is one of two (filibuster-proof) “reconciliations” they can do this year. All the stimulus and bailouts this time around really did not need to happen: the economy is doing better compared to last year, unemployment is actually relatively normal (6.2% as I type this), people are getting vaccinated, the pandemic is subsiding, things are opening up all over; and nobody in the media is asking why Congress decided now is a great time to set huge bales… Read more »


There are still 20 millions Americans laid off, fired, or furloughed with out pay that would disagree with you on that, chum. 20 million voting Americans that just saw which Political Party actually gives a damn about their well being and which Political Party would rather those Americans fuck off and die then give up on their toxic Partisan hatred.


The entire GOP just stood up and gave a big old loud FUCK YOU to Middle Class Americans. It’s a bold strategy Cotton, let’s see how it works out for you. I don’t think it’s going to be possible to keep enough pissed off Americans from voting now.


With as fast as life is coming at them, memory is too short for many people.