Keeping Customers Informed Through Market Volatility — Under the Hood


I believe this action to be illegal market manipulation. Is robinhood going to be shut down for this decision?


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    This was clearly manipulating the market for their corporate overlords. If there is any justice in this country, which is questionable, these people are fucked.


    I’m going to take back my tentative kind words for the Biden admin earlier. If this is true, fuck them all.


    There’s a lot of back and forth over the legitimacy of that post. It could be real or it could be total bullshit. There’s a lot of possible misinformation surrounding this whole thing from anonymous sources. When there is this kind of money involved, people will do and/or say some crazy shit if they think it will make them more cash.


    But… but…. as with any news that is murky and volatile, it would be wreckless and irresponsible NOT to speculate wildly before all the facts are in! So let’s assume it’s legit and keep that rage up. Grrr! grrrr! etc.


    Get your red hot Dogecoin while it’s still so cheap!


    I deleted my wallet years ago and now that 1.2 cents worth of dogecoin would be worth about a buck fifty or summin. I coulda been a contendah!


    I mean, if you’ve got some money to gamble and feel like maybe trying to stick it to some hedge funds, I say go for it.

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