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    Which one:

    • took the US from armed conflicts in two countries to seven?
    • started an illegal drone program that vaporised innocent civilians for driving the wrong model of truck?
    • made the banks bigger during a global financial crisis so everyone could get their bonuses?
    • set a still-standing record for number of immigrant deportations in his first term?

    Refresh my memory.

    Karl Lewis

    One is forced to wonder if you understand what an “orthogonal argument” is.

    The point is Obama was reelected. Trump committed crimes.

    As for deportations? So, you’re argument is that Obama carried out policies that Trump supported with greater efficiency than Trump? That’s an odd argument, but, okay.

    Obama bailed out the banks? Interesting. Do you know how laws are passed in this country?

    Drone strikes? Illegal? Again. Interesting argument. Which law did those break, exactly? And why didn’t Barr charge Obama with anything, as Trump (reportedly, repeatedly), demanded?


    I don’t know what an orthogonal argument is and Google isn’t helping and it seems like a concept it would be useful to know. Would you mind giving me a quick explanation or a link? Ta.

    tiki god

    I asked you the last time you said this, but what armed conflicts are you referring to?


    I saw tweet the other day, similar to his above rant. The wars I remember mentioned is Libia, Syria and Yemen. so yemen there are no american boots on the ground there. Libia war is a lie they’ve perpetuated. And Syria is trying to clean up bushes mess.
    My 2 cents worth.

    tiki god

    some of those had less americans in the country than americans in any single walmart in the us.