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    Raise your hand if half your staff haven’t died in mysterious ‘suicides’…

    tiki god

    that didn’t happen to her either, where in the fresh hell of conspiracy darkness are you going with that statement?


    Vince Foster, I assume and the chef that drowned. Not mysterious in the slightest. Just bullshit concocted by proven liar and grifter Larry Nichols.

    tiki god

    > This is a message that began being forwarded via email in the mid-1990s of various Bill and Hillary Clinton associates alleged to have died under mysterious circumstances. This conspiracy theory continued to resurrect itself during Hillary Clinton’s 2008 and 2016 presidential bids.

    I get all my news from chain mails from my crazy grandma


    Careful you don’t tazer your nuts….


    Wait a minute, isn’t she married to one? Mind you if she’d been a little more forthcoming with the bj’s he might not have been impeached.


    Bill Clinton didn’t need to pardon himself, did he…?
    What are you trying to say…?


    No – Bill didn’t need a pardon (perhaps an ‘excuse me’). He did however pardon a *lot* of people on his way out the door, setting a precedent that I have no doubt Trump will seek to follow.

    Old Tofu

    no, she’s not married to a pardon. she’s married to bill clinton , please try and keep up


    I was wondering what happened to our gang of MAGAts. Just back from DC?

    tiki god

    maybe having their mandatory FBI interviews?