Headstones bearing Nazi swastikas were removed Wednesday from Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery

The graves have been at Fort Sam since 1947, when 140 enemy POWs from World War II, most of them German, were reburied there.


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    Old Tofu

    so if they were being used to mark actual nazis ? . . . wtf


    The U.S. did hire a lot of (former?) nazis to help beat the Russians into space. If I recall we also housed and hide the identities of Hitler’s remaining family. So, nah, this doesn’t really surprise me.


    Many German POWs were put to work on farms in Minnesota (Mostly German and Norwegian immigrants lived there), They were treated so badly that they begged to stay here when the war was over. lol


    I mean, would anyone have wanted to go to Germany after WW2? I guess if you really like rubble.

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