Babylon 5



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    One of the most under rated sci fi shows out there.My personal favorite show of all time. It’s old and clunky in places, but still an amazing program.


    Hard agree. Love this show. Watched it as it aired originally with my dad on Saturday nights after he’d get home from work really late for the first 4 seasons before the move to TNT. We then had to set up the VCR to record the last season because he was at work when it aired.

    Great writing. The acting gets better.

    I wish we got more shows that have an overall plan and then end once the story is complete. Too many shows just go and go and run out of ideas and get cancelled as a shell of their former greatness.

    tiki god

    Vudu had the entire TV series for like $30 the other day, so I bought it and now i’m going to start rewatching it. I haven’t seen it since a couple years after it was on the air, and never did catch it while it was being broadcast, too busy with girls and star trek.


    Underrated maybe by contemporary audience, or ST fanatics. Back in the days, it was “the shit”.
    Though, the first season, and some of the movies, yeah…

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