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Yep. I’ve found a weird method of tucking my masks up under my glasses a bit and that lessens the fog. Thinking about just going and finally getting Lasik and be done with it. I’ve talked about it for years already.

Either that or wear my respirator I use for painting. Kind of wish it looked more like a Bane mask.


I did it 11 years ago at the Stanford Eye Laser Center. No regrets. It’s your eyes, don’t pinch pennies.

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Definitely not going the cheapest possible route no matter what with this. I’ve been looking into it quite a bit over the years. I think it’s cool they have that laser scalpel now to open up the eye for surgery. My original plan was to finally go through with it back in March. But then all this happened.


A good (not necessarily surgical) mask properly shaped and secured, will fix about 80% of fogging issues in ambient temperature ~15?.
Lower than that – sorry, it’s just physics.

tiki god

I need to buy some of those metal nose pieces for my homemade masks, usually when I have those my glasses don’t get all steamed up


Exhale through your mouth.


Anyone who wears a mask and wears glasses is entitled to condensation.