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Just as men can dehumanize women. women can dehumanize men.
Women have privilege of their own, and can be just as big as bullies as men are accused of being.

I agree with the congress-women on the basics of much of what she has said in the past; but way too often she gets carried away into a polarizing rhetoric that ignores common sense and balance, making it difficult to listen to her.

Truth is; humans, both men AND women, can be assholes.

tiki god

have an example of her getting “carried away into a polarizing rhetoric”? bonus if you can find reports her her calling anyone a “fucking bitch” in public.


Why would she use the term “Fucking Bitch”, that’s misogynous.
Ocasio-Cortez, can take a balanced common-sense position and then talk it to the borderlands of misandry.

There is a lot of anger there, I do not begrudge her it, it’s hers to carry if she wishes.
Though, to reach a true balance, she must acknowledge that women are not all peace and kindness, and in their own way, can be just as cruel and devious as men.

tiki god

oh I see, you’re using “whataboutism” to reduce the impact of her statements.



No *sigh* not really Tiki; not even close.
I do agree with Ocasio-Cortez on the base of most of her concerns, but she can, and does, get carried away.

There are a couple of things we have disagreed upon; gun control and this. Thank the gods we aren’t all the same, life would be pretty static.

I hope that the heart of my position; common sense, balance, and that most people are immature assholes has been clear. (Please, don’t think that I am referring to you; I most assuredly am not).