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Half these actors are gone.


Are you commenting on lifespan, or that it is a photo of their torsos?
B5 was a damn good show!


You are correct! I had recently heard of Furst and for some reason, thought Peter Jurasik had already kicked the bucket.

But in addition to Furst and Katsulas, Jerry Doyle (Garibaldi); Richard Biggs (Dr. Franklin), Jeff Conway (Zach), and Michael O’Hare (Sinclair) are all passed as well. So, yeah, like half the show, at least. All the womens is still going strong.


Best written Science Fiction show I have seen so far. Amazing JMS was able to pull this thing off in an era before serial TV blew up the way it has recently.


That’s exactly why he was able to do this. “Today”, it would be canceled mid 1st season. Maybe end of 1st, if some CEO was feeling “generous”.

tiki god

I’m still upset at what they did to the series to try to uprez it to HD, it’s nearly unwatchable now.


There has been no upscaling attempt by the studio. The shows were shot in 16×9; a 4:3 pan and scan crop was used for initial airing. The CGI was rendered at 4:3 SD. What you could critisize them for is cropping the 4:3 CGI to 16×9 and stretching to fit for the 16×9 DVDs.
Incidentally, I just received my region 2 PAL DVDs of B5, going to do a nice shiny rip after I finish all these 4k encodes (sometimes in the mid 2030’s).

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I just noticed I write 16×9 with an X but 4:3 with a colon.


“Stretching” fixed amount of data, doesn’t provide “fixed+1” amount of data.