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Get rid of Uncle Ben. Take The Quaker off of Quaker Oats canisters for religious favoritism; get rid of Juan Valdez, and let’s look at Newman’s Own brand sundries just for the heck of it (Never mind the great good they do).
There are FAR more important thing to do than using marketing drivel as a release valve.

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tiki god

sure there’s more important things, but this is a good step at removing complacent racist symbols from common view.
removing the two others ones isn’t even a argument in good faith, it’s just throwing ridiculous examples on the legitimate pile to make the whole thing look dumb, but come on dude.
as for your comments about uncle ben’s rice, you’ll be happy to know they’re already removing that one too:
just because you don’t know the racist history of these brands doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

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Hi Tiki, Thank you for rational discourse over knee-jerk negs. You are correct, a couple of those examples are silly; that’s just my sense of humor on the side of the absurd. And to be honest, I’m a bit surprised that Uncle Bens and Aunt Jemima branding survived the sixties. Why it appears that strife is needed to motivate people to make course corrections is insane. Many corrections are simply platitudes intended to act as a pressure release valve: To make the majority feel good about themselves, with little effort; and to take steam out of the boilers out of… Read more »

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Uncle Bens was on the list I saw along with AJ. Land O’ Lakes already made the move with their graphics.
The ones that will linger longer; Major League sports. It’s all about tribalism if you think about it & no the tomahawk chop, the Braves, Chiefs, Eskimos (CFL), aren’t leaving or giving up their names without a fight. As well until the NFL deals with their Colin Kaepernick denial, there’s that.

tiki god

re: Colin Kaepernick, they did deal with it, they fired him, he sued, and he won his lawsuit. he’s out there doing other things and the NFL recently made statements indicating that they now realize that they were in the wrong and should have supported him.