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    tiki god

    Are the both political theater? sure, absolutely.
    is one more offensive, in extreme measure? sure, absolutely.
    Anyone that says both parties are the same is either insane or an operative of chaos.


    Anyone who thinks one party is better than the other is not a serious person. Democrats are terrible & Republicans are horrible.

    tiki god

    Republicans are idiots that are actively trying to destroy politics in America, Democrats are trying to make something better.


    Nope. One didn’t violently clear out peaceful protesters to take their photo op.

    tiki god

    my god I would hope he would know if his guys were going to do what they done.


    Grannie is a living example of the willful ignorance of Trump supporters.


    Yes, you’re one of those “Independents” who just HAPPENS to have voted straight ticket Republican in every election.


    What the others have said, plus, one photo is an expression of contrition, solidarity, and sympathy for people with a legitimate grievance.
    The other is a photo of a small fingered vulgarian pretending he isn’t a chicken-shit Bunker Bitch.
    And, you know, neither Nancy nor Chuck used rubber bullets or chemical weapons to clear teh area before they showed up.

    tiki god

    hm, yes yes, the “law and order” party, yes, hmmmm


    That’s the second time you’ve made that statement, and you’re still wrong…
    Miami, Florida Mayor Francis Suarez (R)
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Mayor David Holt (R)
    Scottsdale, Arizona Mayor Jim Lane (R)
    Sioux Falls, South Dakota Mayor Paul TenHaken (R)
    Fontana, California Mayor Acquanetta Warren (R)
    Jacksonville, Flaorida Mayor Lenny Curry (R)
    Las Vegas, Nevada Mayor Carolyn Goodman (I)


    A random listing of a handful of Republican mayors changes everything.