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    Here’s a transcript of what was said: www.rev.com/blog/transcripts/donald-trump-phone-call-transcript-with-governors-george-floyd-protests

    As far as I can tell in a quick read, the Bad Orange Man™ & company are talking about cracking down on violent extremists (e.g. Antifa / black bloc types) doing the property damage, looting and assaults. But this is a TLDR thing, please point out to me where they are talking against general peaceful protesters (as Oliver Darcy & the MSM is insisting to us) in the transcript.

    tiki god

    ANTIFA is not a violent mind set. if you’re not anti-facist, you’re pro facist.

    They’re talking about ALL protesters. He’s not making any distinctions at all in what he says.

    mind you, right after he did this, he used chemical weapons on peaceful protesters that were right outside the white house, all so he could carry a fake ass bible to a church across the street in an all white photo op.


    You may be reading/hearing that transcript with a confirmation bias. I searched through that transcript and found 20+ mentions of “peaceful” protestors and nobody on the call got shouted down by DJT, Barr or anyone else for doing that. The first seven minutes of the transcript is Trump citing examples of destroyed storefronts (in Philadelphia, Los Angeles) and some guy being kicked to death (or almost) in Dallas. I think it’s well implied that what he’s talking about is the violence and destruction. As for the photo op, you do know the church across the street had been set on… Read more »

    tiki god

    Bishop over that church has disavowed his use of the building as a prop.

    his actions and your inability to understand what he’s doing here is frustrating to no end.


    I actually might agree with the Bishop on that one: strict interpretations of Christianity instruct believers to focus on things above (i.e. heavenly or — for you Atheists — in the flying spaghetti monster realm) and not on stupid worldly politics. Trump could’ve found another photo op location, but across the street sure seems pretty convenient. Don’t be frustrated with a deplorable like me trying to discuss here: I’d like to be open minded and hopefully will find some authentic citation where DJT or somebody in the administration says to flatten peaceful protestors just like MLK and the bridge crossers… Read more »