Build a strong economy, build up the Armed Forces, stop illegal immigration, protect my 2nd Amendment rights, eliminate terrorist threats, Pro-Life, teach far left Liberals how to cry themselves to sleep every night….

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    tiki god

    You make a good point, all the racism, failed policies, and rage are what people elected him for.


    I was going to point out that there are precisely as many “far left” liberals as there are “far right” liberals. But then I saw the “SOUTHERN REBEL PRIDE” watermark and realized how truly little point there was in making even the slightest good faith effort in engaging a knuckle-dragging racist fuck.


    one thing…trump last 35 months have not have not surpass President Obama’s last 35 months in office… that is GDP is lower. google “GDP trump vs Obama” Obama 12M jobs yearly deficit 1.16T down to $585B. Trump 5M jobs yearly deficit spending $585B up to $1.1T . trump deficit spending is 1 trillion dollars, the most it’s ever been. The Fed is buying treasuries from the banks, who use the money to purchase stocks. They bought a MASSIVE 1/2 $TRILLION in the last 4 months. if you think this is sustainable… well good for you. I could go on, but… Read more »