best government ever

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    Senators represent the State, not the people.

    As a Pennsylvanian from the State most important to the founding of this country, and to the abolition of Slavery as a whole, founded by an abolitionist, the statement that our leaders were slave owners is not only extremely offensive, but an outright lie.

    In more civilized times, you would have be shot for such slander.


    Thomas Jefferson had slaves. Straight up admitted it. Knocked one up. Repeatedly. This is not subject to debate, it’s been proven via DNA. What’s that phrase your kind likes so much? Oh, yeah: facts don’t care about your feelings.


    You’ve really got a reading problem. As my post was clear I was speaking about the leaders of Pennsylvania, which had abolish slavery before the Constitution was even adopted. I’ll not be tarred with such a broad brush, as Virginia was both before and after the Constitutional Convention a Sovereign State, and the actions of one of It’s citizens have no bearing at all on the actions of my on State’s Citizens. George Clymer. Thomas Fitzsimons. . Benjamin Franklin. . Jared Ingersoll. . General Thomas Mifflin (Governor) Gouverneur Morris. . Robert Morris. James Wilson. Which one of these owned slaves,… Read more »


    Have you suffered a head injury…?


    Someone is already preparing to lose the next election