Petty Project: Swing

Petty Project Image #091 Model: Tiffinie Today’s airbrushed style pinup photo is another entry to the Petty Project. This one features model Tiffinie, from a shoot we did several years ago. These Petty Project recreations take many hours to put together and require a lot of concentration which is the reason they take so long, however this Petty recreation was created with new methods that sped up the process quite a bit. It took about two and a half nights worth of work (still many hours) to put this together from over 30 photos taken during the shoot. Tiffinie was an incredible model to work with who really put in the effort to get as close as possible to the original pinup shot in the studio. The original Petty artwork is actually from an August 1941 issue of Esquire magazine. What is the Petty Project? The project started as an idea in 2008 to honor the well known Pinup artist of the 1930s through the 1950s; George Petty. Inventor of the famed ‘Petty Girl,’ Petty’s works were popular in the 1930s-1940s issues and calendars of Esquire magazine which inspired hundreds of Nose Art pinups on aircraft during World War 2. Petty’s style embodied the classic essence of the pinup and catapulted the art-form into a national sensation and symbol. To honor Petty’s work, the idea came about to recreate the classic Petty Girls through studio photography & computer manipulation to bring new awareness to this forgotten style… Check out the Original Petty #091 Artwork here:… For more info on the Petty Project, George Petty, the models for the Project, and to see more finished works check out the website: Online Pinup Print and Poster Store: © Dietz Dolls Vintage Pinup Photography: Facebook Fan Page:


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