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    In case anyone without TDS here actually believes the above: www.snopes.com/fact-check/trump-report-card-fordham/

    tiki god

    get out of here with your facts!


    Well, your side thought that Obama had been born in a country that hadn’t been founded yet at the time of his birth, and that Hillary Clinton was running a pedo sex slave ring out of the basement of a pizza parlor that didn’t actually HAVE a basement, so I don’t think you have any right to insult anyone on baseless rumors.


    myconfinedspace.com is known for lying. I used to fact check a lot of their s*** but it got to the point I was wasting my time. the people that run this site are so full of hate they couldn’t see the truth if they wanted to. it’s a shame it used to be a good site.


    It’s user-submitted content, Einstein. You can submit whatever you want. It’s not our fault that the right can’t meme.

    tiki god

    the people that run this site

    “they” are a whole bunch of ass holes, you can’t trust a single one of them!