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Marvel must have been desperate to effectively sell off one of their most popular characters to a mediocre electronics company that would’ve gone bankrupt by the year 2000 if they hadn’t gotten lucky with their video game console.

tiki god

There’s multiple considerations here, they’re going to get the same director back for the third movie and they’re going to get spidey for one more other MCU crossover movie, something that Kevin Fiege has apparently really wanted to do.

Disney also gets 100% of the merch income for the small small price of 50% of the gross for 3 hours of tape.

There’s also a rumor running around that Sony wants to sell off Sony Studios to someone like Apple or even Disney, both of which was cause the spidey movie rights to revert back to the mouse.


Marvel was desperate…but it staved off bankruptcy.
They were smart to keep the Avengers though.

tiki god

Not sure if it was smartness or just dumb luck, no one really gave a shit about the avengers back at the time and Marvel Studios did some great work with the relatively goofy characters they had left.