Fuck You with a smile

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    In today’s world, if you want to have sex, and don’t want to:
    – end up with a dick in [b]your[/b] ass,
    – get sued for “rape”,
    – “lose” a kidney,
    + other “not so good” things, you should became a porn actor\streamer, and have sex only when the camera is “rolling”.


    If you’re too afraid to talk to women because of #MeToo, the congratulations: you have correctly self-assessed that you have no gauge for appropriate behavior and that you need to stay away from other people until you figure that shit out.


    You picking that one out from others in my little list, and adding a story\projection, “assess” more about you.

    tiki god

    that list is cringy


    Well, truth often makes people uncomfortable, so no shocker there.