Sonic Concepts

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    The director has promised a redesign.

    tiki god

    yeah but do we think we’re going to get something horrible or something good?

    Brevity Truta

    The legs were shown to me in outrage a while back, for being weirdly buff and having ugly shoes. Can’t say I thought too much of it aside from finding the outrage funny – he’s not sacred to me or anything. The teeth, people are saying they look uncanny, “too human” and weird. The teeth were topical elsewhere this morning, and hilarity aside, he’s a murderous, feral little shit – don’t defang him. It’s going to be expensive to fix it; hopefully the animators get paid. Notoriously they haven’t got great unions, so maybe they won’t. How it happened in… Read more »


    That never goes wrong…

  • Here's a few awesome images!