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    tiki god

    Every time this happens on my windows machine I consider switching over to NIX, but that’s a big ask.


    Fire up an Ubuntu LiveCD and give it a shot without changing anything. Then figure out if you wanna install a second hard drive and dual boot.

    Ubuntu has great user forums, because the word itself means “humanity to others.” The UI is great and the package manager makes it as easy to get and install new software as it is to uninstall it.

    tiki god

    Oh I already have it installed on some machines and I’m very familiar with it, my problem is that the apps on ubuntu are shit compared to windows. I still haven’t found a suitable replacement for Irfanview for NIX, and trying to run it through WINE is a horrible exercise in frustration.


    Using IrfanView, my man\god.
    As for Windows emulation, Zorin worked very nicely for me. Though I didn’t use it extensively.