Trump is triumphant during 9-11 memorial

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    Innocent Bystander

    I didn’t know that the 9-11 Memorial had a landing pad. Too bad it looks like he’s at an airport and greeting a crowd. But what do I know?


    On his way to.
    Go cuck somewhere else…..


    You’re so cringe that in trying to insult someone, you instantly make them more likeable.

    tiki god

    with cuck breath!


    I’m deeply hurt….

    Innocent Bystander

    Thanks for the the insult from the side that always open minded and accepting of everyone. I noticed that you still haven’t explained how you are right and I am wrong.


    The man was doing triumphant fist punping on the way to a somber memorial commemorating the death of thousands of innocent people.
    You obviously don’t find that crass…as you excuse his behavior.
    Your call.
    As is mine.


    And all this time I thought he was doing his imitation of people hanging out of windows.