NRA Show Puts Thomas the Tank Engine in KKK Hood to Criticize Diversity Move

13xp thomas facebookJumbo 500x262 N.R.A. Show Puts Thomas the Tank Engine in K.K.K. Hood to Criticize Diversity Move

The gun rights group’s sarcastic commentary on a move by the children’s show to diversify its cast left some asking if it had gone too far.

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    The NRA are a bunch of racist rednecks who advocate for gun manufacturers. They would support legislation FORCING people to buy guns in a heartbeat, if they thought it would pass. The gun industry is doomed. The vast majority of Americans don’t want guns. So they have to market to the one group of Americans you can fool all of the time: knee-jerk conservatives. They had eight years of “OBUMMER’S COMING FER YER GUNZ!” and that was very good for business. But now Republicans control the entire government (and proving how bad they are at it) and that line doesn’t… Read more »

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