well armed safe room


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    Just try to imagine how scary the world have to seem to drive one to put this together.


    I know, right? It’s scary just to think that there are civilians out there who think they need this kind of firepower.

    Statistics show they’re more likely to use those guns on themselves or their loved ones than they are to use them on an intruder.


    Interesting surveillance set up. Suchwow. MuchParanoid.

    Innocent Bystander

    Looking at the three sets of pistol racks of six and the number of long guns looks to match up to the number of pistols, I’m thinking that this is a security station that has three shifts of six. It reminds me of some Dept Of Energy set ups that I’ve seen but using private contractors. Probably two precision shooters covering a team of four (2×2) assaulters. The size looks like a conex box set up. But yes, as long as none of these fall under government restrictions they can all be legally owned by individuals who can pass a back ground check and they are legal in their states.

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