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Dude, if that was my kid, you’d better BELIEVE i’d be in federal prison by now.


Sadly, the policy is simply the continuation of the practice previously carried out under the Obama, Bush, and Clinton administrations, courtesy of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRIRA), signed in to law in September 1996, by the aforementioned President Clinton. No one, particularly the media, really gave a crap about it during the previous three administrations.


Separation of children is only done when the parents are prosecuted and it was the administration of the fucking moron elected by moron’s that began a zero-tolerance-prosecute-all-offenders policy in April that resulted in 2000 children being seperated between April and May. Prior to that zero-tolerance policy, the Cheeto-in-chief’s administration released about 100,000 immigrants in the first 15 months of his catastrophe, er, term; including 37,000 children. So while it is true they’re following existing procedure, if they weren’t wasting millions upon millions to prosecute every man and woman who makes it across the border instead of just deporting them, then… Read more »

tiki god

There is nothing about this policy that’s a continuation of anything that came before it. it was an executive order by Jeff Sessions. I’ll dig up the paperwork and post it to the front page.


Trump is only trying to save these children from the hell on earth of Comet Pizza’s basement…
In all seriousness, how Trump supporters and President Snapchat’s henchmen are endlessly trying to defend this is unbelievable. Pee-Wee Herman could run in TD’s against this defense.


Take the time to read this and it will help you to understand the ping pong match about children of illegals. Years ago it was decided that it was wrong to keep the kids in jail with the parents so to be humane, they were kept in a friendlier environment. What a change in attitude when Trump Is in office! TRUTH (copied) So dishonest…. About Those Children…in March 1993, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a ruling in Flores vs Reno. The Court decided that minors couldn’t be incarcerated with adults accompanying them illegally across the U.S. border. The decision was… Read more »


The law may have been created with the best of intentions for child protection. These actions violate those intentions, lacking any endangerment. A minimal response would be swift humane deportation while together. Can you think of another country that separated children from their parents under their law? Why would you argue in favor for a law distorted beyond morality and ethics? Here is a different response:

Rachel Maddow Breaks Down During Report on ‘tender age’ Shelters (0:55)
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tiki god

you should updated your copy pasta to mention that it wasn’t until the Trump administration, and specifically Jeff Sessions that it was considered a crime to cross the border for amnesty anywhere other than an official border crossing. they’re the ones that decided suddenly that it was going to be a horrible crime that should warrent the destruction of their family