Christmas Puppers

dogs are better than cats at pretty much anything by any metric.

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    Wrong. Here’s just a top 5 where cats beat dogs…

    1. Shitting indoors.
    2. Ignoring every gawddammed thing you say.
    3. Scratching you when they are happy.
    4. Scratching you when they are mad.
    5. Seething with contempt at your miserable attempts at winning their favour.

    Bonus fun fact: cats can also tell whether you have cancer by smelling you, they just don’t give a shit.

    tiki god

    1 – cat shit indoors all the time, can’t be trusted to shit in the one spot they’re supposed to. let a dog outside and he’ll always shit in the same spot
    2 – that’s not a positive.
    3 – Scratching my god damn brand new couch
    4 – Scratching my god damn heirloom chairs
    5 – waking me up at all hours because they’re insufferable pieces of shit.

    Dogs can also smell cancer, but they’ll tell you about it!