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Can you imagine having to brief the toddler-in-chief about something like that? I mean we know he doesn’t pay attention unless it about him, so you’d have to talk to him like: At this point the hurricane will be 100 miles from Mar-A-Lago and we expect winds speeds of 140mph, yes sir that is very fast, which is why it is dangerous… Then at this point it will be within 20 miles of Mar-A-Lago and the damage is estimated to be… No sir we can’t nuke the hurricane to stop it, no sire Sharknados aren’t a real thing, Yes I… Read more »


I heard about this. The copy on his desk was too small for Trump to
believe in weather. The director of the NOAA predicted this would happen (predicting disasters is his job), so he brought a bigger copy… but that still wasn’t enough.

Thankfully, the chief meteorologist Dr. Smith is a smart guy (PhD’s in physics and meteorology) and quickly added storm sound effects. WHSHHHHHH KBRRRRRRRRRR WEEEOooooo WEOOEOEOOEOOOOOOOOOO!