Ultrasabers Forced Out of Phoenix Comicon

Uber drama going on with the 2017 Phoenix Comicon, lots of heated discussions and rule changes after a dude was arrested with loaded weapons.

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    I know someone that was there and he posted this: I was at PHXCC for the full event. I had no idea what happened until my girlfriend texted me from Utah a few hours later asking if I was ok. Luckily a combination of that *******s stupidity and the police doing their job prevented disaster. I think PHXCC overreacted the next day. The line to get in was madness. They were doing security pat downs and checks on everyone. Eventually they separated it out and let anyone without a bag go through with a quick metal detecting wand once over.… Read more »


    First off, It is America, Everyone is armed, most of the time. Everyone is allowed to by armed, all the time, with the exception of felons. Additionally, light sabres do not look like real swords. If you have the knowledge to build a real light sabre, I have no doubt you would be selling them some place other than a comic con, and frankly, it was a stupid rule by the PHXCC to require nonsense to be wrapped in plastic, and frankly, I fail to see how someone having a loaded weapon would even be a concern to PHXCC or… Read more »

    tiki god

    not everyone in america is armed, what a stupid thing to say. out of the thirty thousand people at that show, only one of them was armed.

    I agree about the light sabers though, they look nothing like something that can cause actual injury.


    Just curious Tiki, but how easy is it to get a conceal carry permit?
    Do you have one?
    I’m not in regular contact with many Americans, but of the half dozen that I do know pretty well, 4 of them have conceal carry permits. And they’re all academics and professionals.

    tiki god

    I do have a concealed carry permit, it was easy enough: just prove that I could hold a gun, shoot it and had to go through a background check. Personally I went through a 8 hour class, but that’s not required by my state.

    I don’t carry everywhere though, it’s illegal to have in bars, schools, government buildings, and on private property where they’ve explicitly said not to, which this hotel would have mentioned a few times.


    See, now this is why non-Americans think that everyone in America is armed…


    …are you not?