It’s been so long since I read Chris Claremont’s X-stories that I totally spaced this guy. LEGION has been some of the best story telling I’ve seen in a long long time.

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    tiki god

    I heard that they confirmed that wasn’t mojo, but was the ShadowBroker instead?


    The Shadow King, which is a little different.

    tiki god

    aw snap, you didn’t use the reply button so I didn’t see this immediately, but yes, you’re absolutely right! the shadow broker was something from mass effect I think, the Shadow King was some demented and fucked up psychic villain from the x-men series.


    I was shocked that it turned out to be Faruk instead of Mojo. I mean the eyes, the head, the insanely long fingers…. It screamed “mojo”.

    tiki god

    did I miss something in the episode itself where they revealed who it was? I don’t remember seeing anything that way, but this series so pretty out there at times.