Trump voters tell CNN that California ‘allows’ illegal voting

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    CA “allows” it to the extent that they do nothing whatsoever to prevent it and encourage it happening by granting drivers licenses to illegals and failing to check ID at the polls. There is no way to who is actually voting at the time and it was proven after the fact that Loretta Sanchez won a house seat in 1996 by less than the margin of illegal votes. So yes, CA does allow it.


    You do realize that you have to REGISTER to vote. You literally can’t vote without registering first. But keep believing that there’s billions of “illegals” that voted and yet the least qualified Presidential candidate in history won.


    Who said billions? Loretta Sanchez won by fewer than 1000 votes and it was documented that there were far more than 1000 illegal votes but too late to do anything about it. Enough felons voted to give Al Franken a senate seat.

    I can register under any name I want and as many times as I want. Unless someone makes a challenge it will go undiscovered. We are not asked for any ID at the poll.

    The only thing unknown is the scale of the problem.


    You are quoting a 20 year old election for your “proof”.

    Got any evidence from this century…?


    First one that comes to mind; but I don’t see how it matters when it’s factual and proves beyond doubt that voter fraud happens and has changed election results. If you’re that interested do your own research and find more, there are plenty out there.




    First and only one that comes to mind.
    And you weren’t factual: her margin of victory was larger than the number of illegal votes…and not all the illegal votes were for her.

    And did I mention it was 20 years ago?
    Much has changed since.

    You’re the one who needs to do some research Jeff


    Gropegrope doesn’t believe in logic and reasoning, Gropegrope only believes in feels, trying to reason with it is futile. Gropegrope is the cancer that is eating the left, sit back Jeff and watch it fester and rot.

    please stick to using one account


    Project much…?

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