Ship from ‘The Black Hole’

Ship from 'The Black Hole'.jpg

The Black Hole was one of the first Science Fiction movies that I remember really liking, but also being really terrified of it.  Great movie if you have the chance to check it out, do it!

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    I always liked the whole Gothic cathedral feel the Cygnus had.


    I really hated that movie when it came out.

    Haven’t seen it again.

    I remember thinking the design of the ship was lame….and that the visuals were all over the place.

    But I can appreciate the Gothic cathedral look now that you mention it.
    Too bad it didn’t match the rest of the design work…would have been better in a steampunk style movie.


    This is a beautiful 1/350 model, I really want one. It’s purchased piece by piece, and costs as much as my first car.


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