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    Luke Magnifico

    To be honest if I had to get rid of something between pro-life bible belters and that guy’s hypersmugness it would be too close to call.

    Old Tofu

    soooo . . . between obviously right and wrong it would be too close to call for you. that puts you square in with the wrong and retarded.


    Yeah, not a fan of the smugness either. I mean, pro-life has been around since before that kid was born, and for him to think he just figured it out is just goofy. It’s like he believes he’s smarter than the average man, and is now advising the common folk on his enlightened perspective… just like the guy wearing the “ask me why you deserve hell” shirt.

    But Dirk – just wondering – which side is “obviously right and wrong”? I don’t see the “don’t feed the trolls” guy as being a pro-choice advocate. He’s just an attention whore.


    I would sit next to the guy on the ground with a sign that says;

    “This” —–>

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