Marvel’s Luke Cage review

Luke Cage poster 2 722x1024 Marvels Luke Cage

Only available on Netflix, is loosely based on the character from the comics of the same name. It’s better than Jessica Jones, but not as good as Daredevil.  The music is insanely good but the action is weak and be prepared to hear the N-word about 40 times an episode. I’m a big fan of Mike Colter now, I just hope that season 2 gives him some emotional range instead of just “stoic”.

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    Interesting take.
    I don’t think any of Marvel’s other Netflix offerings come close to Jessica Jones.
    David Tennant was amazing, and Krysten Ritter played against him perfectly.
    Seriously damaged goods all around…made for mesmerizing TV.

    I’d put Luke Cage at par with DD season one.
    Colter was perfect.
    As much as I liked D’Onofrio’s Fisk, Mahashala Ali’s Cottonmouth was every bit as good…if not better.

    The only weak point was Erik LaRay Harvey’s Diamondback…. he has a great look and presence, be he’s almost too comicbook for a comicbook villain.


    I thought JJ hit exactly the right tone.
    Purple Man was a controlling sociopath with almost no check to his ability to get whatever he wanted.
    The rape angle was exactly the point.
    The show was basically a discussion about how a kid would turn out if he could get people to do whatever he wanted: mind control is rape.


    JJ and Luke Cage haven’t been much like other comic books for quite some time.
    I really like that Netflix is taking the MCU in a different direction than the films or Agents.

    Lots of different flavors available.


    Daredevil season 1 was great – the hallway fight scene was better done than any scene ever shot in the DC/Marvel universe. Unfortunately, season 2 – while good – took the whineyness of Foggy Nelson way too far. No grownup has temper tantrums about being besties like that. It might have made sense to kids reading comics, but doesn’t fit in a grown up show or in the 21st century. Because of Foggy being such an unrealistic counterpoint to DD, I think Jessica Jones is a better show overall. The storytelling and themes (damaged goods) are much better than the… Read more »


    It did that.
    Frank was the best thing about DD2.


    Agreed – and he’s what got the wife watching it given his awesome performance in walking dead. But it’s also a low bar.

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