Caught on Camera: Atlanta woman opens fire on home invaders


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    More guns in the hands of civilized people = less crime


    But of course. Because the second some stupid asshole leaves his loaded gun where his toddler can get at it, or gets hammered and takes shots at the neighbour, or offs his bitch wife because he’s finally had enough of her shit, he ceases to be civilized. It’s all so neat and tidy, innit.


    You would advocate taking guns from everyone then? I suppose you believe the criminals are all just going to hand in their guns too, right? It’ll all be so neat and tidy, wontit? Stupid assholes like you scare me. It makes me sick to know that people like you vote, drive, use my tax dollars for half baked ridiculous ideas such as these and socialized healthcare (assuming, by your rhetoric, you were indeed suggesting a nation wide ban on all guns). Show me one stat that says more people are killed every year accidentally by firearms than people killed by… Read more »