bad at math

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this was an actual argument between my wife and I.  She says that “order of operation” mandates that you do the multiplication first, which in theory is true, but I stand by my stance that you MUST use parenthesis to remove all doubt, because it makes no damn sense to do things right to left and not left to right.

so in this case, 2+2*x should really be on the board as 2+(2*2).

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    Your wife is right, you’re wrong. Parentheses are only necessary when the order of operation would result in a result that is not the one intended. For example, in the above video, the only way to legitimately make the illustrated equation yield a result of 8 is to express it as “(2+2)x2”. Without the parentheses, the correct result is 6. You say they’re necessary “to remove all doubt”. However the only time there would be doubt would be when you don’t understand “order of operation”.



    tiki god

    that’s one way of doing it sure, but the only way you’d know that someone made a special rule about that order of operation (which makes no sense to me, btw) is if you went to that specific college course.

    Old Tofu

    we learned a lot sooner than college, and math is taught the same everywhere . . . that’s why it’s math.


    We did order of operations in grade 8 or 9 here.

    tiki god

    did they explain who made that decision and why they made it?


    Some Muslim likely.

    Order of operations is clearly anti-American and definitely an infringement of your personal freedoms…


    ^^ Dead…


    yo tiki, ban grope


    “That specific college course”. Grade 4 math.

    tiki god

    guess I can thank public school education for that then, lol


    I’d buy “should” ad in “I think it ought to be this way, instead of how it is.” That’s just an expression of opinion. However, the way that it is is definitely the way your wife has it.