Don’t Follow Your Passion

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    I like Mike Rowe.
    His show is a hoot.
    And he’s not wrong about this.

    But he’s kind of fighting a straw-man here.
    Of course anyone who “follows their passion” but has no aptitude for that passion is doomed for failure.
    Who disputes this….?

    But considering that the majority of people in the Western world are not happy in their work…and aren’t working in the field of “their passion”…then something’s not working.

    The truth is somewhere in the middle.
    And it’s different for everyone.

    This video sounds more like an ad for a skill trades school.


    Tiki, we need the karma thingy back. Stat !

    tiki god

    I’m kinda liking the way people are commenting instead of voting.


    Then remove it completely. Why the fuck, still have its “carcass” on the author page ?

    tiki god

    it’s good to be reminded of bad things


    Only if you’re a masochist, or have a martyr complex, or something.