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    … and if there ever was a man who knew good sense!
    How odd though… aren’t interest free loans sharia compliant?


    Trudeau…Sharia law…?
    The loony right sure loves their narrative….


    He said the shahada on one occasion with all that means, attended a wahhabi mosque implicated in al-quaida recruiting on another. Have you been kicked off Google or something? But hey .. keep stringing words together (infinite monkey theorem) and maybe someday you’ll succeed at this.


    Google huh…?
    Google “Baitun Nur Mosque dedication” and see some other prominent Canadian politicians praying with Muslims.

    Making nice with different ethnic groups is in the standard political playbook of every political party in the country.

    What a shocker, huh…?


    You forgot that he was born in Kenya.


    He also believes that people should take oxygen into their lungs and metabolize food – something else that is Sharia compliant? Coincidence? I think not.

    (and neither do you, mate)


    “I think not” … finally some self awareness.
    I have stirred up the king louie crowd apparently with all the screeching and dung flinging that that entails. Absent though is any refutation.


    Refutation of what exactly…..?

    Your sad little paranoid fantasy that a little bit of inclusive politicking means the imminent adoption of Sharia law doesn’t exactly require refutation.

    Fatherdougal was mocking you….not refuting your absurd beliefs.

    Now…go back to hiding under your bed.


    Oh.. I made you sad? I was tempted to walkaway thinking “well arguing with the dim is seldom rewarding because of their greater experience”(at being dim)But that faux alpha thing at the end where you would seem to suggest that I might hide from stuff while you by contrast stand bravely while righteously banishing the craven?? That’s like that bit previous where you suggested that I wore panties. It’s kind of gutless in a forum like this. “Fatherdougal was mocking you” … you think? I (somewhat childishly as befits the assembly) replied sarcastically. How obtuse and ponderous does one have to be to (pretend to?) misunderstand that? As for the body of work that is Sharia, how does mention of one part of it inflate to acceptance in its entirety? YOU introduced “imminent”. NTF I wonder how difficult it would be to get this clown to argue with himself?


    But that Trudeau will slip in Sharia law is entirely consistent with your conservative narrative…isn’t it?

    Otherwise why bring it up?
    Your irrational fears…and poor cognitive reasoning, non-lateral language skills and inferiority complex betray you my sad little friend.

    You are a hoot though…


    sad? little? and YOU are the contrast?(mighty?!, inspiring?!..) yet I’m the hoot? If I have a complex, it’s more likely about trying to suppress a sense of smugness and superiority. And I blame you. If this were a board game I suppose “grope plays crypto-babble power of 8” would have some import.


    Listen to yourself.
    The more wound up you get, the less sense you make.

    It’s pretty obvious to everyone reading that you are the small penis driving the big car.

    Like I said…a hoot to watch you overheat.


    Ah.. groping around for inspiration and you stopped at the “Big Boy Truck” post? Make sure you tell “everyone” (who apparently need the obvious pointed out for them?!?) that I drive a Versa. So what does that say for your other(apparently related in your mind) bone of contention?


    He said “Bone”. heh heh heh!


    It was a metaphor Skandy.

    All you had to do was Google “lateral language skills”.

    Like I said…you’re a hoot fella…


    Skindirtbag, you sound a bit tense. You should just scroll up to the top op the post and stare into Trudeau’s deep eyes until you feel better, okay?

    Canada day is coming up, dontcha kno.

    [imgcomment image[/img]


    is that real?


    However efficacious you find your own homoerotic therapy, it won’t alas work for me. But as it happens, I do know that Canada Day is coming up. And trudeau says Canada is the world’s first post national state. So what has he to do with a celebration of nation?


    What exactly do you think all these free trades deals the last government signed were about Skandy?

    Just because Mr. Harper was too scared to use the word “post-national” doesn’t mean he wasn’t instrumental in bringing it about.

    If course….he was too scared to use the word “recession” either….


    Your mom is fat.

    [imgcomment image[/img]


    That was meant for skinny d, my bad.

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