The Female Ghost Busters

The Female Ghost Busters.jpg

I’m pretty sure I posted the AVGN guy’s discussion on this, but there’s literally nothing differentiating them from the other Ghost Buster crew other than their gender.


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    Luke Magnifico

    And that the previous guys were stylish, sophisticated comedy writers, whereas these ones are, at best, adequate comedy actors.

    And that the previous guys were in a movie created with passion and flair, whereas these ones are in a movie created with the dead-eyed mathematic logic that results from a sole purpose of making money off an existing property with a little zeitgeist-driven twist.

    Also the costumes are inexplicably awful this time around, I don’t know how you fuck up beige coveralls but they’ve managed it.


    There really is no comparison between Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis, basically at their primes with this cast.


    Hard to match the original for sure, but if they pull it off it could be the best movie of the summer.
    Here’s what they’re up against:Cats & dogs living together!

    i liked it the way i like casemods on casemods action


    I spot seven differences on the uniform alone. Not counting equipment.


    Well, at first I swore I wouldn’t go watch it on principle because of the forced gender thing.
    Then I saw a few trailers which were funny and decided not to give a damn about it but give it a chance.

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