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it’s pretty close
also fuck cnn


Bernie maintained the integrity of not accepting super pacts. However the present game required it. We lost a significant chance at campaign reform and reversing Citizens United.


“If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.”


Voter ID laws. Designed to make sure low income people can’t vote. The GOP gerrymandered their way into power and know they can’t win if everyone votes.


I think Bernie got further than he ever could imagine he could get. His trouble is, as this graphic shows, he always came in second. And close doesn’t count here, it’s neither a game of horseshoes, nor is it a thermonuclear device. The has been plenty of talk about how he might possibly win over super delegates. His problem with that is that he never came in first in any measure that he could show those people that he was actually better than Hillary. The only measure that he could show was that he beat Trump by more points. It’s… Read more »

tiki god

something that most charts like this forget is that Hillary is pretty damn close to being arrested / charged for the illegal server farm that she was running from her own home.

I’m sure Bernie is trying to make the point that if she’s not in the running, he’s the obvious next choice.


I’m full Bernie. I think he was the only game changer on the field of play, and the only one who really spoke to the heart of what makes America great. You aren’t going to see anything like him again. He was your last chance at democracy. I’d say send Bernie up here (to Canada) but he wouldn’t come. He’s too damn loyal to your god and country. Hillary is that she represents a vote for the establishment and old guard. I feel like that is already a win in many respects. A win in the sense that the the… Read more »


Yea. GOP Rules? The GOP rules are set by each and every State Party, and are different in nearly every State. To suppose that CNN bothered to do the research to see how it would come out is laughable.

tiki god

why are you commenting on the GOP rules, both Hillary and Bernie are in the Democrat party


CNN brought it up.


one major issue here is that in 12 states independent voters cannot vote in democratic primaries, in NY alone 3.2 million independents were denied the right to vote for Bernie Sanders, who knows how that popular vote would have turned out if people had actually been allowed to exercise thier rights

tiki god

why would people that aren’t in that party be permitted to vote in their closed primary? these are private political parties, not some communist ‘everyone gets a voice’ party.

If the independence really wanted to vote for someone, they should join that party. The party shouldn’t be forced to allow the unwashed masses to change their internal selection process.