Amy Shumer is anti-gun

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    Counterpoint: cars are not designed explicitly to kill, and there are far more cars than guns (this is a good thing).


    Sorry, there’s more guns in the US then there are automobiles. It is estimated that there’s 270 million guns in total in the US. 254.4 million Automobiles in the US.


    Counter-Counterpoint: Firearms are not explicitly designed to kill either (that’s Terminal Ballistics which is a function of the Ammunition) and some of them are explicitly designed NOT to kill (look up the design criteria of the hated by the Media M16/AR15 sometime). Also, there are about 260 Million Registered Vehicles in the United States (including Police and other Government Vehicles)and a lower estimate of 340 Million Firearms in the United States (there is almost certainly more, most likely a LOT more). So even though there are only 75% as many Vehicles as Guns, they still manage to kill Six Times… Read more »


    Waaah. Waaah. Cars kill people too. Seriously? This bullshit affront to logic and thought again? Jeeeezus Christ! Motherfucker, the day you can drive your gun to work is the day you may actually have a gawddammed point.


    Why Padre,
    I couldn’t agree with you more. To Hold an inanimate device responsible for the actions of those misusing it is surely an affront to Logic and Thought.
    Perhaps instead of vilifying said devices we should instead hold those who misuse those devices accountable? That however would not be Politically Correct, therefore Logic and Thought MUST be dispensed with.


    Gun & rifle ownership continues as per 2nd amendment.
    Purchase requires background check against felons and mentally disturbed.
    No assault rifles or semi-automatics.
    Mandatory safety locks, by key, combo, or fingerprint, blue-tooth, whatever.
    Gun license test similar to driver’s license.

    Why not?


    I LOVE these “Common Sense” Proposals, because they aren’t: “Continues as per 2nd Amendment”, what part of “Shall not be infringed” do you not understand because everything that Statement is an Infringement. Felons, does that include Males who have been accused (not convicted) of Misdemeanor Domestic Violence (funny how Women never are affected by this unless the Male ends up in the ICU)? How about Non-Violent Offenders who have fully served their Sentence and have made Restitution. Who decides what “Mentally Disturbed” means? If it’s bad enough that you don’t trust them with a Gun, why are they still on… Read more »


    A reasoned rebuttal. It answered why not. I respect that. Some Straw Man thrown in (police, Nerf guns, exercises), but not a rant. It is difficult to drawing lines on behavior but I challenge you to valiantly tolerate that uncomfortable ambiguous range. It’s not the all or nothing. The world is filled with shades of gray and color. The intent is disallowing convicted criminals or mentally incompetent gun access. The intent is allowing self-defense and hunting, without raging mayhem. The intent is fast access without free access. The intent is a license to promote knowledgeable safe use for yourself and… Read more »

    guns dont kill people
    people kill people


    Guns don’t kill people.
    People with guns kill people.


    *throws big rock at gropegropes head*

    Old Tofu

    since 2/3 of gun deaths are suicides , how about you not deny them the choice


    I think this is an excellent argument in favor of riding you gun to work.