Star Trek Enterprise Was Just a Holodeck Program

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    Worst, worst, worst ending evar in the history of the series. By far the best story line since ToS killed incompetently & further soiled with the whole holograph bullshit cop out. Loved that series for so many reasons. Why, why, why was it put in a sack with other kittens, clubbed senselessly & then thrown off a bridge into a cold river???? Why?


    You serious dude? Enterprise was pure shit. Poorly disguised jingoistic go get them thar terrists in space Rah rah ‘muhrrica bullshit. Fucking well had to do about as much with Roddenberry’s vision and the Trek franchise as Rambo. To think anyone in their right mind could fail to recognise this shitshow of a shit show for what it is (spoiler alert: a shit show) makes me weep for humanity.

    tiki god

    You may have bailed out when I originally did, the final season was pretty …less bad.