Top Of The Pops


Welcome to a 70’s childhood. These hybrid compilation albums are a cross between the Now albums, the compilation of chart hits of each year released annually, and local pub karaoke, average people with an ability to mimic the vocals of music stars perform the hits of the day. Usually with hilarious results.

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    Oh god. I remember these. As a tiny child, I always held out the faint hope that one day a REAL, original artist would crop up, embedded within the sound-a-likes. That’s optimism for you. The TOTP’s albums are now the reason that as an adult, I’m a deeply pessimistic, ‘glass half empty’ person. Still, Caroline Munro, eh! (I’ve met her incidentally. Lovely woman)


    I see these and I want to hit my garage and work on my Trans-Am.

    (Despite not owning a Trans Am or a garage).

    Dyon 86

    I had the one with the girl in the white t-shirt (with the red writing) … “Billy don’t be a hero, don’t be a fool with your life”
    Damn I’m so old.