Deadpool Opening weekend comparison

Deadpool Opening weekend comparison.jpg

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    I really wonder what the point of dollar figures is. You either are giving completely irrelevant comparisons if the movies are a few years apart or you need to adjust the figure for inflation.
    Why don’t they just give tickets sold? It’d be much more useful.


    ticket prices have not changed that much within the window of all these movies being released.


    It certainly doesn’t speak to quality though. Anyone think Man of Steel was better than Captain America?

    tiki god

    Man of Steel was absolute rubbish compared to Captain America : the First Avenger.

    what kind of question is that really? they took Superman and made him into something else : a killer, a man who would let his father die, an apathetic and horrible excuse for a character.

    no wonder they took the character from that movie and made batman hate him so much!


    Deadpool had a fantastic marketing campaign.

    And fanboys wanted to feel all grown up: comic book heroes making juvenile fuck jokes.

    Deadpool was good.
    But at least half of the movies listed above were better.

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