table weapons locker

table weapons locker.jpg

I’m not sure I’d want a lock on that, if it’s for quick access, you’ll need to access it quickly, right?

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    I’d want gun access on the bottom of the table, that way you can kick the table over as a shield and pull your guns out while you’re in cover.


    Concealment. Cover stops bullets, which that table is not going to do, even if it was made of Quercus alba .

    You want a lock and run bolts through the floor, so the cops have to actually get a warrant.


    I’m assuming that the gun case that’s inlaid is metal of some kind. If that’s not the case, it’d be easy enough to add a ballistic shielding between the case and the wooden table top. C’mon, if you’re going to hide guns in a table, at least make the table useful too hehe


    Ideal for those shotgun weddings.


    Ideal for ensuring your kids play with your guns.


    ? Made in Murrica ?