Pretends to cry

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    I didn’t vote for him the first time
    I didn’t vote for him for the second time
    and i am sure as hell arent going to vote for him a third time


    Has no one taught you about “term limits?” He’s not up for election again. You couldn’t vote for him a third time even if you wanted to.

    Mark Antony

    Of course no one will vote for him a third time because Obama will suspend the election on November 8th 2016, *and* declare martial law, *and* vote himself into power forever, *and* impose mandatory conversions to Islam, *and* force all white women to have abortions, *and* make gay sex the only legal kind of sex, *and* activate the Obamacare Death panels, *and* take guns away from lawful citizens to give them to Mexican rapists, *and* all that other crazy shit Repubs said for sure he was gonna do, although gee whiz, it’s getting kinda late in his second term so… Read more »


    332 days and counting. He might still do it.
    I now kind of hope he will, it sound like it could be interesting to watch from half a globe away.

    tiki god

    They tested it out in Texas, I remember it!


    Yo, subby! Where was this concern when your boy Dubya started a war in Iraq for no real reason besides vanity, thus leading to this clusterfuck?


    Pretends to cry? Subby has been drinking too much GOP tears of impotent rage.

    tiki god

    subby’s been there from the beginning mf


    Who is this Subby you speak of….?


    So any violence or bloodshed or killing is bad then?

    Good to see you Repubs finally coming around on that one…


    Well, I wouldn’t cry for people I don’t know on the other side of the planet neither. Especially I was the one that bombs them.
    What’s strange about that ?

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