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I really, really do not care for this movie. Wonder Woman has great legs though. Everything else looks just bleak.


Most of that looked all right.
A little obvious, but hey, its DC.

Had me right up until the supermodel cosplay in the WonderWoman costume made angry face at the nuclear zombie…

tiki god

it’s the entire movie, condensed down to a single trailer! now I don’t even need to go see it.


Doomsday looked like liked a bit like the cave troll from Lord of the Rings and Abomination.


Ugh, what a douchey bleak mess this is. Everyone is scowling, frowning, brooding, and trying so hard to say “OMG EPIC” things… I mean, Ben Assflec is scowling so hard, I can see his vagina bleeding. Plus you have Jesse Eisenberg, one the most obnoxious people in the world playing Lex Luthor. The only person worse than him for that role would be Michael Cera, because an awkward dipshit doesn’t a genius make. Why couldn’t they pick someone who might bring quiet dignity to the role? Isn’t that how Lex Luthor operates? Why do they need to make him a… Read more »


I’m cautiously optimistic. Then again, I’m not one of those twerps who thinks he’s being Cool-And-Edgy™ by complaining about how everything sucks (you’re just showing that you can’t be pleased so no one tries to please you anymore).