Trickle Treat

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    Fang-like tusks, Christian-slamming cross, male and of course the critter selected. A tip of the hat to the best-worst of the prole-manipulating pap from the communists and the nazis. I did wonder though why they couldn’t have got “Jewish” in there somehow as well? To keep it contemporary.


    It’s like blowing a dog whistle….


    … and here you are. Self awareness! It’s for everyone.


    You know Skndrbg….you just gave the exact reply I knew you would.

    And here’s why you’re wrong again…as always.
    I’m here all the time ….check my post history.
    Your pretentiousness is just another funny post to comment on to me.

    But you…?
    You very rarely show up….but topple your precious “narrative”, and you come a running.

    You know… someone blew a whistle or something.

    Now you have a nice evening…


    That (somewhat fake and brittle) wish for “a nice evening” – was that to signal discussion over? Good luck with that. So when did you know the “exact” reply? before or after you read my reply (ye of such amazing prescience). You do know it is possible to “be” here without posting? I’m “here” lots. For example I witnessed your recent fury that somebody had down-voted you. It was awesome. I think you claimed to know who it was? I was tempted to add my vote to muddle things I must admit – but didn’t. Unlike you, I don’t feel… Read more »


    Your reply was exactly what I expected.
    “I know you are but what am I”.

    That “down vote fury” you mentioned was what…a couple of months ago.
    And you completely missed the tone….it was mocking.
    Pity really.

    As for reading comprehension….the “narrative” I was referring to was your belief in one.
    I’m sorry you didn’t understand that.

    But now you know.


    You said “topple YOUR precious narrative” – not that embraced by others – so anyone conversant in English knew pretty much what you meant. “a couple of months ago” – elapsed time is significant? After an interval everything is reset? How long specifically is that interval? I didn’t miss your tone and likely no one else will have either. i.e. “oh you downvoted me, how droll you wily little scamp!” You think? “I know you are but what am I” – while this does speak to your level, I was astounded (not) at your lack of self awareness. I comment… Read more »

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